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Welcome to White Light Paranormal Investigations

​White Light Investigations will from time to time conduct Public Investigations where                                                  
Thanet History
you get the chance to Investigate with the Team!
These evenings will consist of a Ghoshunters workshop, followed by the Paranormal Investigation                     Our Investigations
of various haunted locations.   
Watch this space for further news of upcoming Public nights, as well  as up and coming Team                                 Our Equipment
Investigations. Please leave your details on our contact page should you wish to register
your interest.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Meet the Team

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​​​​​We are a local team, based in the South East of England, with a knowledge of the local area.  Thanet, and             
its rich History, is important to us.                                                                                              
We came together with a mutual interest to investigate the paranormal, and a dedication to record evidence of activity and supernatural phenomena so others could see what we know to be real from our own personal paranormal experiences.                                                                                                                                                               

Four of the White Light Team members are Spirit Sensitives and have had active, constructive paranormal experiences for a number of years.

When going on investigations we always have at least one sceptical observer as we feel this creates a healthy balance in our findings. 
Our site is endorsed by International Psychic Medium Phil Taylor - www.psychicphil.com                                                                                                                     - check out his facebook page.

We welcome any requests to investigate residential properties
or any other site which may have paranormal activity.

We are a non-profit making organisation.

Our aims are to:

Record evidence of paranormal activity
Provide a confidential service
Demonstrate professional integrity
Have a respectful approach
Investigate safely

Current Team Members are:

Claire       --   Founder, Lead Investigator and Spirit Sensitive 
Emma      --   Investigator and Spirit Sensitive 
Lynze       --   Investigator and Spirit Sensitive 
Jacquie   --   Investigator and Official Photographer
​Sophie     --   Investigator
Anthony  -- Technician and Investigator
Adam       --   Cameraman and Sceptical observer
Daniel      --  Technician and Investigator

​​​​​​​Health and Safety will always be paramount, and a full Risk Assessment will be carried out prior to
any investigation.

We undertake serious investigations and are respectful in the light of this sensitive activity.

During the investigation we hope to capture phenomena with
the use of camcorders, digital cameras, digital voice recorders,
CCTV, laser thermometers, motion sensors, EMF meters and
motion detectors. We also use a Franks

A full detailed report will then be submitted.

If you would like to contact The White Light Team with
any questions, or any site/property
please go to our contact page.

Why not say Hi  and comment on our GUEST BOOK

Get involved - visit our  BLOG  Page

Thanks for looking!

Claire Clifford - Fennell and The White Light Investigation Team 



Jacqelina J Photography  -- our official White Light Investigations photographer


The Word – www.thewordcode.comThis website explores a theory on our reality and how it is all an illusion and is supported by a code based on the English Language.  Please see posts and articles on related topics such as paranormal stuff, fringe dwelling and quantum theory.

​​​All photographs and video footage are property of Claire Clifford-Fennell and the
White Light Investigation Team. 











































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